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Dr. Matthew

Aswagandha Vitamin Stress Relief Supplement

Aswagandha Vitamin Stress Relief Supplement

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Reduce stress and improve your mood. Our customers are raving about feeling more relaxed and less stressed after taking our Ashwagandha. Say goodbye to insufficiently restful nights. Enjoy deep, refreshing and restorative sleep. But it doesn’t stop there—our scientifically studied Shoden Ashwagandha promotes energy, recovery, endurance and strength gains.

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1. Improves Quality of Sleep

2. Helps with Stress Relief.

3. Increases Restorative Sleep

4. Supports Healthy Testosterone Levels in Men

5. Increases Muscle Strength


Dr Matthew’s Ashwagandha Shoden  is a powerful adaptogen. It has the highest concentration of withanolides that you can find in the market: 35%. Studies have shown that Shoden improves sleep and reduces stress levels. You will enjoy a restful sleep and will wake up well-rested and with a good mood.


Per Serving

Shoden® Ashwagandha: 240mg

Rhodiola Rosea: 100mg

Panax Ginseng: 100mg


What is Ashwagandha Shoden®?

It is a clinically tested purified extract from carefully
selected roots and leaves of the Ashwagandha plant.

Why is Shoden® Better than Regular Ashwagandha

It is better for two reasons:

  • First, it has the highest amount of Withanolides (35%) than any other Ashwagandha extract in the market. As such, you can experience its benefits even at low doses. One capsule of Dr. Matthew Shoden® Ashwagandha contains 240mg of Shoden®, which is the amount participants took daily in the clinical evaluation.
  • Second, unlike most other forms of Ashwagandha, the health benefits of Shoden® have been proven in several studies.

What Benefit Should I Expect?

You should expect:

1. Truly refreshing restorative sleep and improved energy.

2. Lower levels of stress and fatigue.

3. More energy, increased vitality.

Does it Require Black Pepper Extract (Pipperine) for Better Absorption?

Ashwagandha Shoden® is absorbed well on its own. None of the clinical studies that evaluated the efficacy of Shoden® used black peppper or any other substance to facilitate absorption.

3rd Party Tested

Each batch of Dr. Matthew Shoden Ashwagandha supplement is tested by independent ISO 17025 accredited labs. This ensures that our product is free of heavy metals, and free of pathogenic microorganisms. The tests also confirm that our product contains the amount of Ashwagandha that we claim on the label. What's more they prove that our product contains Rhodiola and Ginseng as well.

Customer Reviews

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Lindsey lim

makes me feel very calm!

Good stuff!

Good quality stuff!

Good Product

This product is awesome, definitely recommend.

Shantae Pitt
It works

Had me feeling brand new

Shanillia Raymore
Please try.

Product came as is and as stated on package. Please try.