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Dr. Matthew

Omega 3 Fish Oil with EPA and DHA

Omega 3 Fish Oil with EPA and DHA

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Give your heart and brain what they crave the most: Pure Omega-3 Fatty Acids. One serving of Dr. Matthew's Omega-3 EPA and DHA meets and exceeds the nessecary daily intake for cognitive well-being, normal heart function, and healthy skin.

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1. Increases learning, memory, cognitive well-being

2. Helps your skin's normal oil production, supports balanced hydration, prevents or reduces breakouts and minimize signs of aging

3. Supports a healthy inflammation response

4. Studies indicate that people who eat more fish or have high blood levels of EPA and DHA have lower rates of heart attack and stroke.


Dr. Matthew’s Omega 3 Fish Oil supplement is tested by ISO17025 accredited 3rd party labs to provide you with a proof of purity, freshness and strength, and a guarantee that this product meets the highest quality, safety and transparency standards in the world. It is sourced from fresh, wild-caught anchovies, harvested in the clean waters of the SouthPacific. It is molecularly distilled to remove heavy metals, PCBs and toxins that naturally occur in fish products.


Per Serving

Omega 3 Fatty Acids: 2,500mg

EPA: 1,296mg

DHA: 864mg


Take 1-3 softgels daily preferably with a meal.

3rd Party Tested

Each batch of Dr. Matthew Fish Oil supplement is tested by independent ISO 17025 accredited labs. This ensures that our product is free of heavy metals, free of toxins that naturally occur in fish, and free of pathogenic microorganisms. The tests also confirm that our product contains the types and amounts of fatty acids that we claim on the label of the product.

Customer Reviews

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Nickey Spence
Love it

I absolutely love it! There's no after fishy taste, if i belch, it doesn't rest on my chest like other fish oil usually do and it's only been little over a week but I'm already feeling a difference in my joints.. i highly recommend

Craig Webster
So amazing

I absolutely loved this supplement!! It really helped me with a ton of things such as energy, joint pain, and overall well-being. Capsules are super easy to swallow and dont have a bad taste at all!


Se ve bien -Si,es de algodn, no se ve muy blanco,espero lavarlo con jabn porque luce empercudido o usado,no lo recomiendo.


I absolutely love these! Ive definitely noticed a difference using them and it feels good knowing Im getting all my B3 in!

Not IFOS Certified Anymore!? ??

These used to be my all time favorite fish oil brand, but I'm sad to see that it looks like they are not IFOS certified anymore. So sad. And the DHA & EPA ratio has change.