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Dr. Matthew

Super Greens Powder with 32 Superfoods

Super Greens Powder with 32 Superfoods

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Giving your body the necessary daily quantity of plant-based nutrients from fruits and veggies has now become easier and tastier! One serving of Dr. Matthew Super Greens will provide you with all these vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are known to improve your digestion and immune functions. Add a scoop to a cup of water or juice or even your favorite smoothie and enjoy. It has a natural apple flavor and is lightly sweetened with stevia..

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1. Promotes Digestive Health as it contains fiber, enzymes and probiotics.

2. Boosts energy as it contains Panax Ginseng

3. Supports cognitive function as it contains Ashwagandha

4. Aids immunity, skin health and overall wellness as it naturally contains many vitamins and minerals.


We harvest our superfoods at peak ripeness and then we makethem powders by freeze-drying them. Studies have shown that freeze-drying retains much more nutritional value of the original fresh produce than any other drying techniques which usually damage the plant’s nutrients. As a result, just one serving of this unique formuladelivers a significant amount of vitamins and minerals to maximize your health. It's slightly sweet, very fine powder that dissolves quickly without any grassy aftertaste


Per Serving:

Greens Blend
9 Organic Vegetables: 5,500 mg
Antioxidant Superfoods Blend
21 Superfruits: 2,000 mg
Energy/Antistress Blend
Panax and Ashwagandha: 250mg
Digestive Aid Blend: 60 mg
4 Enzymes + 50 Billion CFU Probiotics

Unlike other brands, we have not inflated the nutrient content of our Supergreens by adding artificial vitamins and minerals. Our Supergreens contain their natural nutrients.

Each daily serving of Dr. Matthew Super Greens contains:

  • More Iron than 513g of Black Currents!

  • More Vitamin A than 37 whole Apricots!

  • More Vitamin E than 3 whole Avocados!

  • More Vitamin K than a bowl of Spinach!

  • More Vitamin C than 32g of Strawberries

  • More Vitamin B12 than 2.4g of dried Chlorella

3rd Party Tested

Each batch of Dr. Matthew Super Greens supplement is tested by independent ISO 17025 accredited labs. This ensures that our product is free of heavy metals, and free of pathogenic microorganisms. The tests also confirm that our product contains the types and amounts of ingredients that we claim on the label.

Customer Reviews

Based on 103 reviews
M. Perry
This Has A Great Taste

I add this to my fresh squeezed juices every morning. It tastes great and doesn't alter the juices at all. Will purchase again.

Anna BK

Great greens product. Tastes amazing and helped with my digestion!

Not as tasty

Some best better. 4 star because you can taste the ginger pieces

I drink this everyday!

My favorite supergreens it taste amazing!!! I love all the ingredients and its so nourishing for your body. First think I noticed was I have a lot more energy than I usually do. I included it in my self care routine ???? Definitely recommend it to everyone!

Wow!!! Makes me feel amazing!

This is such a great addition to your smoothies! It mixes very well and it doesnt over power the taste! It has helped with my digestive system and has also made my skin so much clearer!